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Byulmaro Astronomical Observatory

A public institution museum


1st Floor : Materials on space from our ancestors, Solar System and Foucalt's Pendulum, and planetary models are displayed on the 1 st floor lobby, while visitors can view detail information on astronomy using the kiosk search.

B1 : Visitors can view the mysterious movements of constellations that flow differently depending on the season in the underground dome celestial projection room.

2nd Floor: In the 2 nd floor vide/audio room, documentaries on astronomy is played. There are various documentaries on the Black hole, the death of the sun, asteroids and in search of a new earth.

3rd Floor: There is an observatory and rest area on the 3 rd floor. On a clear day Sobaeksan (Mt.), Taebaeksan (Mt.) and other mountains are visible with the naked eye, while visitors can also look down at Dong-gang that flows softly below the mountains.

4th Floor: There are the main and auxiliary observatory rooms on the 4 th floor. There is an 800mm telescope in the main observatory room for visitors to see the stars and moon for them selves. A computer for viewing space automatically controls the astronomical telescope in the auxiliary observatory.