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Welcome to Yeongwol, a beautiful county of devotion and art, and also the home to this museum.  

Welcome to the cyber museum operated by the beautiful county of Yeongwol , where natural resources are abundant harmonize with art and cultural relics.

 The Yeongwol Insectarium, Chosun Minhwa Museum, Muksan Art Gallery, Book Museum, International Museum of Contemporary Art, the nation ' s only Dong-gang Museum of Photography, Danjong History Hall, Nango Kim Sat-Gat Culture Hall, Byulmaro Astronomical Observatory and other art and hands-on museums are located in Yeongwol. This nation ' s first museum county is well known for the sad history of Jangneung, Cheongnyeongpo and Goshi cave, Kim Sat-gat remains, Korean peninsula topography and other tourist attractions, and is also famous for its leisure sports such as Dong-gang rafting and paragliding.
Beautiful Yeongwol that cradles the mysterious lands of Dong-gang Yeongwol, where literature and art is alive Yeongwol, where the vigor of youth and history are combined. We invite you to the museum country of Yeongwol.
And all of our county folk sincerely welcome you.