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Yeongwol Insectarium Visitors can get hands-on experience with various water and land insects. 
Chosun Minhwa Museum Drawing minhwa (folk painting) and printing
Minhwa Festival: Opening ceremony, folk performance, symposium, printing experience, performances, and student minhwa painting contests Story Forest Camp: Learn about Korean mythology and minhwa, while learning the spirit of the minhwa and mythologies through various programs Flag Event: Guest artist exhibits works and/or performances, while visitors participate in flag project Festival Participation Events
  • -Kim Sat-Gat Festival: Operated by Printing Experience Center
  • -Danjongje: Operated by the Chosun Minhwa Experience Center
Byulmaro Astronomical Observatory Using various telescopes, constellations and the summit of Bongnaesan (Mt.) can be viewed.
Danjong History Hall (Jangneung): Every April, the Danjong Culture Festival is held and various events such as exhibits, seminars, Miss Queen Jeongsun Pageant, Traditional food cooking, Yeongwol envoy visitations, sacrificial rites to King Danjong and traditional Korean music are available at Jangneung, Dong-gang riverside, Cheongnyeongpo and the Culture and Arts Hall.
International Museum of Contemporary Art The Yeongwol sculpture arts festival is held and during the festivals, various events such as exhibitions from Korean and foreign artists, performance and hands-on events are available.
Dong-gang Museum of Photography The Dong-gang photo festival is held every summer displaying the works from photographers from Southeast Asia . Various events are conducted in order to promote photography, while discovering potential talents.
Major events include the Dong-gang photography awards, special photo exhibits, audio-visual show, and opened lectures.
Nango Kim Sat-Gat Culture Hall In September of every year, the Kim Sat-Gat Culture Festival is held at the Kim Sat-Gat historic relics, while major events include Heondalye, Goyuje, Traditional Korean poetry literary contests, making injeolmi rice cakes, autumn night remembering music festivals, etc.
Hoya Museum of Geography
  • -Geography experience class
  • -Overseas geography field trip with Teacher Hoya
  • -Geography class for middle and high school students
Yeongwol Fossil Museum While providing things to learn to students and interest to adults, it is a place of education for observing changes in life for the past 4.9 billion years on earth.
Hoann Museum of Tea Ware An experience based classroom themed on tea ceremonies, tea table talk, tea etiquette for children, passage rites, etc are on display for children, teens and homemakers.
Yeongwol African Art Museum African culture can be experienced through African sculptures and goods used in everyday life, and special exhibits are held regularly.
Gangwon-do Coal Mine Culture Town Macha-ri coal mine living center where visitors can experience the lifestyle of miners through the past appearance of Macha-ri and the Macha-ri mine gallery experience hall where visitors can indirectly experience the life of miners.
Yeongwol Cave Eco-Museum Experience the backward world of the natural cave of Yeongwol where a wide range of strange and mysterious cave life breathes.
Visitors can experience special exhibits related to caves, explore caves, attend cave classes, and experience caves.
Yeongwol Museum of Religious Art Appreciate the religious art and sculpture of the east and west.
Kweyeonjae Ceramic Museum Special exhibits are held regularly and one-day ceramic experience and pottery experience classes are offered for visitors.
Donggang (Riv) Ecology Information Center Visitors can experience rafting in Donggang (Riv) at Yeongwol, Gangwon-do, which maintains the mysteries of ancient times via 3D virtual experience programs.
Media Journalist Museum The Yeongwol Media Journalist Museum contains a place for learning in which visitors can make their own family newspaper and travel newspaper, giving it true meaning as a museum.
Elementary Education Museum Yeongwol Elementary Education Museum collects and displays textbooks and other education-related materials from the Joseon Dynasty, Enlightenment Period, Japanese Occupation, Syllabus Period, and Education Process Period (1st-7th) in order to create and develop an educational culture and to provide children and youth the opportunity for character education and experience-based learning.
Indian Art Museum The Indian Art Museum also operates various Indian culture experience programs such as learning about the techniques of Indian art, as well as body painting, Indian clothing culture and Indian tea experience.
Yeongwol Art Creative Stuio
  • < Yeongwol Art Creative Studio > provides creative space for famous artists.Through their creative activities, Yeongwol is a cultural infrastructure that can be reborn as a culture and arts city.
  • < Yeongwol Art Creative Studio > located opposite the Donggang Museum of Photography, consists of three exhibition halls and residences of residents.
  • < Yeongwol Art Creative Studio > will do various activities such as exhibition and education, and strive for the development of Korean art as well as local culture and arts.
Yeongwol Radio Star Museum
  • -This place uses the former KBS Yeongwol broadcasting station building and was the background of the movie "Radio Star".
  • -You can see at a glance the history of radio, from its creation to development.
  • -Moreover, you can participate in radio broadcasting and production.