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Original of Museum County

Yeongwol County selected the tourism industry as its local specialized industry and pursued it strategically. In addition, the WTO (World Trade Organization) said that through predictions of tourism environment trends, one subject for tourism products in local tourism are museums.

The Museum county project in Yeongwol is a project that effectively uses the local resources and also meets the global tourism industry trends, while emphasizing its uniqueness with other local governments.

The basic strategy of the museum county project, which is the new promotion project in Yeongwol County , is to erect museums that reflect the local features while inserting funding for new projects that will strengthen its soft competitiveness. First and foremost is to foster and use human resources while establishing a network, find value in theme experience programs and development of cultural products, and to concentrate on soft competitiveness through planning and processing to enhance additional values.

The museum county project is expected to help the local economy through the effective use of tourism resources and tourism synergy effects. In addition, it is expected to help Yeongwol become widely known, and should become increasingly famous for education and culture. Through participation from the community, it is also expected to increase income.
In order for the successful establishment of a museum county, the co-prosperity with the village in which the museum is located in is crucial. Therefore, programs are currently being developed for the local community to be able to participate in this undertaking. In addition, investments are being concentrated in software with the purpose to promote private museums. Through this, souvenirs are being developed, while the museum brand is being configured to create an undisputed museum county.
Museum Contents
Byulmaro Astronomical Observatory Constellation travel on the most high and clear place
Nango Kim Sat-Gat Culture Hall The poems and Life of Kim Satgat
Danjong History Hall Exhibit Danjong Biography and books, Story of Sayukshin and Saengyukshin
Dong-gang Museum of Photography Exhibit the true aspect of life, documentary picture and prized picture of Donngang International photo festival
Yeongwol Cave Eco-Museum Experience the world of natural caves in Yeongwol that is filled with diverse life forms that live in caves
Gangwon-do Coal Mine Culture Town Recreation of life in coal mining areas in the 1960s~70s
Donggang (Riv) Ecology Information Center Visitors can experience rafting in Donggang (Riv) at Yeongwol, Gangwon-do, which maintains the mysteries of ancient times via 3D virtual experience programs.
Chosun Minhwa Museum Exhibit Chosun Dynasty's folk painting and Modern folk paintings
International Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibit Sculpture and art through sculpture symposium
Muksan Art Gallery Exhibit the beauty of Korean painting at the Mountain
Yeongwol Insectarium Largest insectarium in the nation and displays samples of insects from Dong-gang
Hoya Museum of Geography Nation’s best museum themed on geography
Yeongwol Fossil Museum Display the mysteries of earth 4.6 billion years ago
Hoann Museum of Tea Ware Remodeled school in Hadong-myeon and opened as museum
Kweyeonjae Ceramic Museum Exhibit modern ceramic works and operate one-day ceramic experience and classrooms
Museum of Musical Instruments of the World Collection of instruments of various materials and types from around the world
Yeongwol African Art Museum Exhibits a recreation of traditional tribal societies, as well as art pieces collected from over 20 countries in Africa
Yeongwol Museum of Religious Art Exhibit over 1,000 Christian paintings and sculptures by Paul Choi
Elementary Education Museum Exhibit textbooks, vacation books and children's magazines on education
Media Journalist Museum xhibit traces of modern history of the press and the process for publishing newspapers / journalist experience and family newspaper publishing experience
Indian Art Museum Exhibit various art pieces from India and operate performing arts events and experience-based programs
Yeongwol Radio Star Museum Exhibit Movie 'Radio Star' Background and Antique Radio
Art Creative Studio Creative space for famous artists